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Technology for Learning

At Hugh Sexey Middle School, we believe it is essential to use the resources at our disposal to create a vibrant, innovative and engaging learning experience for your children. By doing so, we can continue to provide the skills and an education which develops each attribute of every student to the full.

To this end we must all be aware that today’s pupils will enter a rapidly changing world. Modern society demands innovation, collaboration, creativity, adaptability and resourcefulness. Quite simply, access to an online world now rich in content and communication has altered the way we live, work and play. Within a safe and controlled environment, it also provides incredible opportunities for learning.

We recognise the vast potential technology has in enriching the learning experience for our pupils. Like many schools, Hugh Sexey has begun a program of bringing mobile technology into the classroom. Technology should never replace effective teaching and learning practice and this continues to be the foundation upon which our school is based. However, with technology we can enrich the learning experience with a greater freedom for creativity, exploration and independent learning.

Many pupils in Years 5 and 6 are able to bring a device into school. For parents who are, or are considering taking advantage of this opportunity, please find below some information that you may find useful. Parents can also find more help and advice on our 'Tablets@Hugh Sexey' VLE page.



Creating an Apple ID for children

Creating an Apple ID with family sharing Video

Creating an Apple ID without credit card information



Parental Control Software

Adding a Child Account to the family



How to set up parental Controls on Android

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