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Year 7

Year 7

Autumn 1 & 2

Spring 1 & 2

Summer 1 & 2


Desert Island Project: Diary writing and instructional writing, plus speaking and listening opportunities.

Introduction to Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Heroes and Villains Unit: a study of the moving image; descriptive writing; monologues.

Language Change: Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales: a study of accent, dialect, Standard English and Middle English; focus on the prologue and the character descriptions; comparison essay.

Humbleton Village: a simulation unit: studying and writing a range of media and non-fiction texts.

Abomination (class reader):

Dual Narrative


Place Value and Calculating

Negative Numbers

Fractions and Percentages



Geometry- 2D and 3D shapes


Lab Safety

Particle Model, Mixing and Separating

Cells, Skeleton, Muscles and Reproduction

Chemical Reactions

Space Physics

Diet and Health

Electricity and Magnetism


How could religious teachings help us to better care for the environment? (RE)

How ca new best manage our global resources for a sustainable future? (Geog)

Are the rules fair? (Cit)

How advanced was the Medieval world? (Hist)

What might the future hold for Asia and India (Geog)

How does government and politics affect me? (Cit)

How does faith build communities? – Sikhism (RE)

How did the religious rollercoaster of Tudor Britain shape a nation? (Hist)

How can I be a global citizen? (Cit)


Family- personality, personal descriptions, family activities

House and Home- types of house, rooms, furniture

Food and Drink- likes/ dislikes of foods, food in different cultures


Personal details

Family and pets- family members, pets/ zoo animals, colours

School- subjects, opinions, times


Drawing Project

Ways of seeing and recording

New art materials

Pop art project Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein

Art engages with modernity

New art materials

David Hockney project

how an artist sees the world

how I see the world

Masks project

Role of masks in civilisations to the present

Research and design of masks

Masks project cont’d

Creating the final mask design

Peace poster project



Find Your Voice

World Music


E Safety/ Social networking/ digital footprint

& Email/Cloud Services

Networks and the Internet

Digital media (video)

Digital media (audio- Music with Video)

Coding CSS, HTML


Basketball, Gymnastics, Rugby, Football

Athletics, Dance, Netball, Football

Athletics, Swimming

Striking: Rounders, Cricket

Net/wall: Tennis


Enterprise Project: Batch production of Christmas Products

Healthy Meal Planning

Creative Cases

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