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Le Transport




Watch the video, look at the vocab picture, and click through the Powerpoint to learn the modes of transport.

Le Transport

This powerpoint should play automatically once you open it...

TASK 2: 


Write 1-6, and note the place and type of transport in English

 e.g. BRISTOL by BIKE.

1) Place and transport.mp3

2) Place and transport.mp3

3) Place and transport.mp3

4) Place and transport.mp3

5) Place and transport.mp3

6) Place and transport.mp3

Choose the correct translation, A, B or C:

7) A, B or C.mp3

A) When it is fine, I go by bike.

B) When it is cold, I go by car.

C) When it is fine, I go by car.

8) A, B or C.mp3

A) When it is raining, I go by motorbike.

B) When it is cold I go by motorbike.

C) When it is raining I go by car.

9) A, B or C.mp3

A) When it is windy, I go by horse.

B) When it is snowing, I go by horse.

C) When it is snowing, I go by motorbike.

Translate into English:

10) Translate.mp3

11) Translate.mp3

12) Translate.mp3


Look up these transport types, using

  1. en tramway
  2. à chameau
  3. en car
  4. en tapis volant


Comment vas-tu à...? = How do you go to....?

Je vais... = I go...


Write your own answers to these 6 questions, to say how you would travel to each place.

Try to develop your answers with conjunctions, weather and opinion phrases.


  1. Comment vas tu à l’école?        > Je vais à l’école en bus.
  2. Comment vas tu au supermarché?
  3. Comment vas tu en France?
  4. Comment vas tu à Londres?
  5. Comment vas tu aux États-Unis?
  6. Comment vas tu à la plage?

Please keep sending me any work you have done or questions you have!

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