Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve



  1. It's seven o'clock.
  2. It's eleven o'clock.
  3. It's two o'clock.
  4. It's half past five.
  5. It's quarter past nine.

  6. It's quarter to ten.


BONUS Questions - make a guess at these times:

  1. It's midnight.

  2. It's midday.


B: Write these times in French:

  1. Il est six heures.
  2. Il est trois heures.
  3. Il est cinq heures.
  4. Il est sept heures et demie.
  5. Il est sept heures et quart.
  6. Il est huit heures moins le quart.
  7. Il est neuf heures moins le quart.