Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

ANSWERS - translation

On Monday, I'm going to...

  1. open my luggage.
  2. forget my luggage.
  3. obey my luggage.


On Tuesday, I'm going to...

  1. disguise my teacher.
  2. disappoint my teacher.
  3. stare at my teacher.


On Wednesday, I'm going to...

  1. want a black cat.
  2. steal (or fly) a black cat.
  3. see a black cat.


On Thursday, I'm going to...

  1. park a red car.
  2. ruin a red car.
  3. win a red car.


On Friday, I'm going to...

  1. run to the beach.
  2. sleep on the beach.
  3. spit on the beach.