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Careers Challenge

       Well done year seven. 


Thank you to those of you who took the career challenge and sent in your interviews. 

I hope you found it interesting. I have enjoyed reading your interviews: nursing, computer analysts, Doctor, Teacher, Farm administrator and a barrister were some of the people that have been interviewed. One answer that I kept reading in all the responses was that if you work hard at school this will give you more choice. It might seem like years and years away ( and it is) but how hard you work at school will affect your future. If you can get a job that you really enjoy,  it doesn't feel like work. You will be doing it for a long time,  so why not do something both rewarding and fulfilling?

Well Done- George Ham, Izzy A, George Bishop, Oliver W, Cayden, Devon, Beatrice and Will Manning ( his response is on the Wow Page for a fascinating power point - certificates will be awarded in September. If you still wish to send me work please continue to do so. 

So many choices😀

Hello everyone .

I hope you are finding the careers challenge interesting. 

Please do not take the survey at the end of the task. 

If you complete the work, save it on your documents  and then send it via email to me. 




Hello Year Seven 

Some of you have already accessed the TEAMS now set up for KS3 PSHE. 

A special mention to George B in 7DJ  for being the first pupil in KS3 to complete the Careers word-search.

Careers day will be on JULY 8TH.

There are some worksheets and some you tube clips for you to complete and watch. Hopefully motivational. 


Year 7 Your task is to find out about a job you are interested in. The ground work start now but you could complete the original interview before the 8th July. 

I have filled one in to give you an idea... 

Have a look through. I will put a note on KS3 PSHE teams. too. 


David Hyner - Avin it!

David Hyner - Memory skills

David Hyner - Failure really is the end