Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve


Vision statement

At Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School, we strive to create a caring Christian community, where diversity is celebrated and all are empowered to achieve their full potential. Living out our core Christian values, we aim to provide a happy, fair and safe environment, to enable our children to be reflective, confident and open-minded global citizens of the future.



The curriculum at Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School aims to build on the work of our partner First schools and introduce each pupil to a wide range of experiences, knowledge and skills so that they leave us ready for the new challenges that lie ahead. We encourage our pupils to be independent and resourceful learners with a highly developed sense of personal reflection and motivation. To engender this, we work hard to make lessons and other activities relevant, challenging and fun.

We strive to build each pupil's confidence and celebrate all forms of success. We use appropriate technology and teaching aids to support and embed learning and use a variety of teaching and learning styles including role play, group work, independent research and traditional teacher led activities.


External speakers and Trips & Visits

To complement the work done in the classroom, we have a range of trips and visits which make use of our locality as well as the visiting places of interest further afield. Our pupils are also exposed to guest speakers who enthuse and broaden their understanding of the curriculum being taught.