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Design Technology

Hello Year 5,


This term we will be focusing on reinforcing some of the main skills you have learnt in DT throughout the school year - research, designing, making and evaluating. This will be done by working on a Viking Longboat Project. The work set will be posted in two week lesson blocks.

Continue making model prototype of a Viking longboat and then evaluate the finished product - task to be completed from Monday 6th July - Friday 17th July

Designing and Making tasks to be completed from Monday 22nd June - Friday 3rd July

The measurements on the template worksheet are in centimetres.

Research and designing tasks to be completed from Monday 8th June - Friday 19th June

Stretch and Challenge


If you would like to challenge yourself further have a go at completing the daily design challenges on the Little Inventors website.


You are welcome to email Miss Latti (DT Coordinator) a copy of the completed task or photograph. 


Stay safe and take care of yourselves and loved ones.


Miss Latti smiley