Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Directed Learning

Dear parent/carer,


Please find below a selection of learning activities available for your child during this forced school closure as the country fights the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognise and fully understand that you are not teachers  with a huge range of other priorities to manage and as such have tried to create activities that can be completed independently with the support of online resources where necessary.


The work provided can be done in any order so that it fits in with your own family circumstance and will be refreshed on a weekly basis. If you are concerned about how you might arrange your child’s learning then a guideline would be to follow their curriculum timetable, not necessarily all the hours as this will prove very difficult to manage (As a guide they should be doing a maximum of approximately 3 hours a day plus reading for pleasure, daily exercise and helping you around the house with chores) . Another option is that they treat each section as a topic and spend a morning on each curriculum area. My colleagues will provide answers or success criteria so that our pupils can check on their understanding and progress.


Thank you for your support over the coming weeks and we look forward to seeing all our brilliant pupils as soon as the Government deem it safe to do so.