Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve


Please check your emails for this week's work!

Don't forget to do these three things daily:


See individual days.


Make sure you are reading for at least 30 mins every day and that you are completing your AR quiz.


David Williams is sharing a story at 11am every day – the stories from the previous week are available too. Click on the lightbulb to find his website: enlightened




On Sims student you still have access to your weekly spelling sheets – the whole book was saved there at the beginning of the year. Start on set 20. This weeks spellings are Set 25


Also try Sir Linkalot’s animated videos and quizzes. (Free for 8 weeks)

Learn spelling in an easy, remarkably effective way by using quick memorable animations and quizzes. Bitesize boosts for school spelling tests and SATS.

Sir Linkalot is on a quest to make ”I can’t spell” a thing of the past. Helping students of any age with spelling, punctuation, and grammar based on linking (SPAGBOL). Click the lightbulb to find this website: enlightened

This month, audible are allowing free access to all of their books, check it out with the link below: