Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Today we would like you to listen to chapter 14 and chapter 15, (audio links below). 


Once you've listened to these two chapters, try your best to answer some/all of the comprehension questions below:


  1. Why do you think Tom offered to go with Uncle Fred?
  2. How do you think Tom felt when Fred asked him to return to the house for a sack?
  3. How was Uncle Fred going to use the baby fox to help him catch the black fox?
  4. Do you think that Aunt Millie was happy about the boys hunting the fox? Why?
  5. What was Tom trying to do when he told his Uncle Fred to look up in the woods?
  6. Do you think the black fox felt betrayed by Tom? Why?
  7. Why do you think chapter 14 is titled 'Unwilling Hunter?' Can you think of more than one reason?

Chapter 14- Unwilling Hunter

Chapter 15- The Den