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Commonwealth Extension Work

Week beginning 18/05


Thank you all for continuing to send us some of your 'Wow' work.  Mr Bullock and I are always pleased to see what you've been up to.  Most of you with whom I've been in contact are saying that you still have activities form the Commonwealth project to keep you busy during this last week of the half term.  However, just in case you need a little more to keep you busy, I will be posting some more options here

Bonus Lesson 1: Britain's links with the world

Bonus Lesson 2: Building the British Empire

KS3 Humanities

Home-learning Humanities Project

The Commonwealth 

From 20th April, 2020


Welcome back to remote learning.  I hope you all managed to have a lovely Easter holiday and enjoyed the fine weather.  I hope you will find this unit interesting.  I have tried to design a set of tasks that are both informative as well as a little bit fun and creative.  I have provided you with some website and video links to help you with each task, but please don’t feel that you have to stick with these resources only – you are encouraged to read and research widely.  I would encourage you to keep your work together for this entire unit as some type of project book (paper or digital),  I will really look forward to us sharing our projects when we come back.  I hope you will involve you whole family in your learning and that they enjoy the time you spend together.


For tasks that don’t have paper outcomes (e.g. worksheet) or that don’t last (e.g. depending how long it is before we come back to school, your parents may not want Commonwealth flag bunting strung up all around your house for months), take photos of your creations and build a photo journal (maybe as a PowerPoint or imovie???).   You should hopefully find any attachments linked below this list of lessons.  Keep all your work together and when we get back to school we will discuss how to share and present our learning – maybe Mr Tatterton will let us have a ‘Commonwealth Day’. 


There are 14 lessons on 7 themes below which should take you approx. 3.5 weeks (I think lockdown has now been extended for at least another 3 weeks).   You may work on the lessons in any order you wish.  Aim to spend approximately 4 hours a week (if you are managing to do a full day of home-school  lessons).  Feel free to send me pictures or comments about the activities you enjoy.


Any linked resources you might need should be attached at the bottom of this page in a section called 'Resources'.  There are also some extras to keep you busy if you need.


Lesson 1&2: Who is the Queen?

Task A) create a biographical fact-file about the Queen.  Either use the attached template or make your own – any layout is fine

Task B) create a visual (draw of use pictures from the internet) family tree for the Queen – you may either start with Her Majesty as the top of the family tree or go further back (Greater Depth: can you take it further back to show how the abdication affected Elizabeth?)


Lesson 3&4: What are the responsibilities of the Queen?

Task A) Write a job advert for ‘The Queen; - ensure you include information about essential qualifications, qualities needed and the benefits of the job.  You may use the attached template or make your own

Task B) The queen is the official patron of many charities, military associations, professional bodies or public service organisations.  Conduct some independent research into some of these, and choose one from each of the 4 categories and design a poster (by hand or digitally) for each (or a larger poster with all four on it) to explain the important work of the organisation and how the Queen supports them.  (Greater Depth: how, if at all, have these organisations been supporting Britons during the COVID-19 lockdown)


Lesson 5&6: What is the Commonwealth? What does it do?

Task A) browse the website above.  Create a mindmap to show your understanding of the history, purpose and initiatives of the Commonwealth.  Take the quiz. 

Task B) Create a 20-question comprehension quiz for one of your classmates to test to see how well they have learned about the purpose and work of the Commonwealth.  Don’t forget to write an answer sheet (Greater Depth: consider trying an online quiz maker and sharing it with your friends while we are on lockdown – you may need adult help to find a free quiz maker.  Please get parent permission to create any accounts)


Lesson 7&8: Which countries are in the Commonwealth?

Task A) Using the attached map, locate and colour in all of the counties of the commonwealth  (Greater depth: challenge yourself to colour code their joining dates by decades -  For some extra fun, download and print the attached Commonwealth ‘Tops Trumps’ cards to play with your family

Task B) find out about each of the Commonwealth Countries flags – design a string of bunting representing at least 10 of the countries – challenge yourself to create a string of bunting for all 54 countries – decorate your house/room.  Just google ‘blank bunting template’ for ideas of what bunting should look like


Lesson 9&10 – How is the culture of each Commonwealth country unique?

Task A) Choose one of the Commonwealth countries to investigate.  Find out about their culture – traditions, language, beliefs, music, food.  Choose a creative way to represent one aspect of that country’s cultures (e.g. you might want to cook a traditional dish – take a photo of your work, or create paper clothes for a paper doll in the traditional dress of a Commonwealth nation)

Task B) Choose a second Commonwealth country to investigate. Find out what their national anthem sounds like.  Write out their lyrics (Bonus to writing out native language and English translation).  Record yourself singing their anthem or if you know someone from one of the Commonwealth countries, try to contact them to see if they can record themselves singing if for you.


Lesson 11&12 – Why are the Commonwealth Games special and why are they known as the ‘Friendly Games’ , (and the twinkl history of the commonwealth games ppt)

Task A) complete the reading comprehension task (please find attached)

Task B) challenge yourself to hold a ‘mini’ Commonwealth Games at home for your family during this period of isolation and social distancing.  What sports can your recreate/modify for garden or inhouse participation.  Create a photo-diary of your Corona Commonwealth Games (don’t forget to award medals)


Lesson 13&14 – What does Commonwealth Day celebrate?

Task A)  This year, celebrations on Commonwealth Day (9th March) focussed on the theme of Delivering a Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming.  “This theme was chosen because the governments and people of the diverse family of 54 Commonwealth countries connect at many levels through extensive and deep-rooted networks of friendship and goodwill”.  Read the Queen’s speech ( and then use internet images (or draw your own if you prefer)  to create a collage that represents the spirit of Commonwealth day and which recognises the diversity and connection of Commonwealth countries and their people


Task B)  Watch this years ‘Presidents message for Commonwealth Day’ (  given by the leader of the Commonwealth of Learning organisation (this is a group made up of the Heads of State of Commonwealth countries and it aims to provide access to better education through remote and digital learning for the small countries of the Commonwealth).  Write a paragraph to explain what the Commonwealth of Learning is doing to improve education.  Write a second paragraph describing your recent experience with remote and digital learning.  What has been good about remote learning during lockdown and what has been challenging?  Why? How have your adapted to digital remote learning?  In a third paragraph, predict what learning will be like for pupils in 25 years’ time – in what way will learning still be similar and what aspects to you believe will change? Do you think the future of learning is exciting and better or do you think it will be more difficult for learners?