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Computing - Summer Term

Week commencing Monday 6th July

Lesson for week starting Monday 6th July 
Further coding using a micro:bit

Reminder of activities you may (or may not) have already tried in the previous lesson.  

To do your coding, go to the MakeCode Editor using the link below and click on "New Project".  You can use the onscreen simulator (rather than having an actual micro:bit) to test what you have coded.

Further suggestions for this second (and final) lesson on micro:bit coding.


1. Create your own music

The following two activities demonstrate how you can create music using a micro:bit.  Be creative, what music can you make?

2. Using turtle graphics


In the MakeCode editor, you will need to select Advanced, then Extensions and then microturtle.  This brings up the Turtle coding section that you will need for this.

3. Create your own coding activity

Ext - Feel free to take it on to the next level, by coding in Python or JavaScript rather than the MakeCode blocks.  The first youtube clip below, which was included in the lesson last week, shows how to get started using Python.  The follow on youtube clip is now also included.

Teacher help


I am happy for you to email me ( or contact me on Microsoft Teams with any questions or difficulties you have.


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