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Computing - Lesson 1


Starter - Creative ideas whilst "social distancing".

I have set up a Computing email group for your tutor class.  Go to Office 365 (remember to use your old password) and you will see a welcome email and also a follow up email from me. 


In my email, I am asking you to come up with ideas of how you can now usefully and productively spend your time (when not doing the Directed Learning school work) and share these ideas with the class using the group email.


Note: Any problems accessing Office 365, please ask your parent/carer to email me at


Main - Prepare to make a video about creative ideas whilst "social distancing".


Prepare for this by doing the following:

  • Identify the software/app you will use, eg iMovie for Apple products or the "Video Editor" on Microsoft Photos if you are doing this on a PC. 

    There is lots of other free video editing software which you may have or wish to download.  If downloading software, be careful to avoid malware (malicious software) scams or software that comes with loads of ads.  Go with something a friend already has and recommends.

    Note: No tiktoks please - I want your video to be more than 15 seconds long and more creative than just dance moves.
  • Please check your parents/carers' permission for what you intend to film and for any software/app you may wish to download.  The video is intended only to be shared with me and the other students in your tutor group.  I may look to put the best ones on the school website but I would ask for permission first from you and your parent/carer.

    If your parent/carer has any concerns, they can email me at
  • Plan your video - eg which creative ideas you wish to show, whether photos and/or video, googling and downloading any online photos, whether done as animation, script and practice anything you wish to say to camera, what props you need, etc. 

If you do not wish to create a video or do not have access to video editing software, please instead create a storyboard of what your video would look like if you had done one.


Homework - Record any video required.

Between this lesson and the one next week, record any video that you wish use.


Computing - Lesson 2


Your aim this lesson is to complete your video and share it with others (and me) using the Computing group email for your tutor group.  To do this, you need to:


  • download your photos and/or videos to the video editing software (iMovie, Video Editor, etc), 
  • use that software to add things like titles and effects, and
    (Note: there are helpful youtube clips to help you use most video editing software)
  •  export your completed video so that it can then be shared with others.


Alternative to creating a video


If you do not wish to create a video or do not have access to video editing software, please instead do the following for the first two Computing lessons:


  • in your orange Directed Learning book, create a storyboard of what your video would look like if you had done one, and
  • see the alternative lesson attachment below. 

Already created your video and want to do more


If you have already created your video and are looking do more in Computing before more work is set for after the Easter break, see the alternative lesson attachment below. 

Teacher help


I am happy for you to email me ( with any questions or difficulties you have.  I may not be there to reply immediately but I do intend to catch up on my emails twice a day. 



I have included a couple of videos below as examples of what your completed video might look like.  I did these on my ipad using an app called Video Star.  You may remember them from a Year 7 assembly I did on Challenge in the Autumn term - so they are not specifically about creative ideas whilst "social distancing".  I'm sure, with your talents, you can come up with much better than mine*.


* Update on Monday 30th March.  I've received a few videos so far and probably all of them are better than mine.  I have included a couple in the Year 7 section of the Hugh Sexey website.  See if you can find them.  Really looking forward to seeing lots more videos this week.  Thanks.  Mr J  


I have now also included another video below using some photos I took of the Year 7 bridge building challenge day in December.  I did this on my PC at home using Video Editor which comes free with Windows 10. 


Have fun.


Mr Jackson smiley

Rubik's cube


Year 7 Bridge Building