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Computing - Summer Term

Weeks commencing Monday 6th July and Monday 13th July

Lesson for week starting Monday 13th July 
- Difference between Computer Science and iMedia


Starter - Off the top of your head (so no research) what do you think is the difference between the subjects Computer Science and iMedia?

Main - Research the difference between Computer Science and iMedia.


Watch the video below.

Use the BBC Bitesize links below to research (a) Computer Science and (b) iMedia (or ICT).


Look at the topics covered by each subject and think about whether they are ones you'd like to do.


Please email me if, by the end of this lesson (when you have completed your research), you are confident that you will be doing either Computer Science or iMedia at Kings of Wessex.


Note: You can do neither but you can't do both.

Typically, about 15 pupils in Year 8 at Hugh Sexey go on to do Computer Science at Kings of Wessex and about 30 pupils do iMedia.

Lesson for week starting Monday 6th July 
- Introduction to cryptography


Starter - Click on the link below, set a timer for 5 minutes and see if you can crack the code within the time.  It works by dragging the letters from the alphabet underneath.  If you want to do it again, refresh the screen and it will give you a new code to crack. 

Main - Do the "Introduction to cryptography" lesson and challenges in the powerpoint below.

Help with Caesar ciphers:

- the online Caesar cipher wheel may help when setting your own challenge, and
- the youtube clip will give you a helpful clue about how best to solve Caesar ciphers.

Teacher help


I am happy for you to email me ( or contact me on Microsoft Teams with any questions or difficulties you have.


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