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Computing - Summer Term

Weeks commencing Monday 22nd June and Monday 29th June

Lesson for week starting Monday 29th June - Alan Turing and cracking the Enigma code in World War 2 


Starter - Watch the three youtube clips below.

Main - Research using the internet and then create a presentation* about either:
a) the life and importance of Alan Turing, or
b) breaking the Enigma code in World War 2.


* Your presentation could be a Powerpoint or video (eg using iMovie on an iPad or Video Editor on a PC) or, if you do not have access to the tech at home, on paper.


I would love to see what you produce.  Please email to


Next week - You'll be having a go at solving ciphers.

Lesson for week starting Monday 22nd June - Binary Numbers
Starter - Watch the video below and see how I convert a binary number into a denary (or decimal) number.

Main - Do the two challenges below to convert between binary numbers and denary numbers.  For more help on how to do this, watch the youtube clip below.

Note: The first sheet shows a clever and efficient method of converting a denary number into a binary number.  See also the youtube clip below for another, and perhaps more obvious way, of converting a denary number into a binary number.


Note: Denary numbers and decimal numbers are the same thing.

Extension - Do the adding and subtracting of binary numbers challenges below.  You will first need to watch the relevant youtube clip below before having a go yourself.

Teacher help


I am happy for you to email me ( or contact me on Microsoft Teams with any questions or difficulties you have.


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