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J'ai mal! Saying what hurts

J'ai mal!

Saying which bit of you hurts.


Task 1: Écoutez

Listen to the man saying which part of him hurts:

  My head hurts = 

J'ai mal à la tête!

 My foot hurts = 

J'ai mal au pied!

 My back hurts = 

J'ai mal au dos!

  My tummy hurts = 

J'ai mal au ventre!

 My throat hurts = 

J'ai mal à la gorge!

Task 2: Regardez

Watch the video and guess which part of their body hurts...

Mal à La Tete!

7th graders jam to 'Mal A La Tete' from the CD 'Sing, Laugh, Dance, and Eat Quiche.'


Which is the correct translation? a or b?


1) J'ai mal à la tête!        

a) My head hurts!

b) My foot hurts!


2) J'ai mal au pied!         

a) My back hurts!

b) My foot hurts!


3) J'ai mal à la gorge!     

a) My throat hurts!

b) My tummy hurts!


4) J'ai mal au dos!

a) My head hurts!

b)  My back hurts!


5) J'ai mal aux pieds!

a) My foot hurts! 

b) My feet hurt!

TASK 4: Écoutez

Listen to the recordings below of a man visiting the doctor.

Which parts of him hurt? Each person mentions 2 things.

For each recording, write a,b,c,d or e from the pictures below.


a)   b)   c)   d)   e) 

Question 1.mp3

Question 2.mp3

Question 3.mp3

Question 4.mp3

Question 5.mp3

Question 6.mp3