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Cafe project

Thank you to all those people who sent in their videos last week. It was so lovely to see the variety of what you did, and to see and hear you again after such a long time. If you haven't sent yours in yet, please keep sending them. Although it will be too late to send to the first schools, we would still like to see them.

Task 1

Create a café menu.

  • Think of a name for your café, eg Café Cool.
  • Use pages 20-22 in the vocabulary booklet to find out the words for Drinks, Main Meals, and Desserts.
  • On paper, or card, under those three sub headings, write a simple menu with prices in euros.


eg Boissons

Jus d'orange   1,95 €


Present your menu as beautifully as you are able, and bring it in to school with you in September for display, or send us a scanned copy!




Have a super Summer holiday; we hope to see you all back, fit and well, in September. Stay safe, and have fun!