Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Task 1 - Setting up Duolingo

Your first task this week is to sign up to the Duolingo App. It is a great app for learning languages.


Here is the link...

How much do I have to do?

The idea is to do a little bit everyday, to allow the language to slowly build up in your memory... so it's better to do 5-10 minutes everyday than an hour one day and none for the rest of the week!


You will also be set other tasks, so you need to do work on both.


What if I can't get on to Duolingo?

The app will work on phones, tablets and desktop computers, although some old versions of Internet Explorer might not work. If you can't use Duolingo, you should spend more time on the other tasks set. The important thing is to spend a regular amount of time on your language learning each week.


Can I learn another language on Duolingo?

You can learn many different languages on Duolingo - we'd love you to get inspired to learn another language independently as some people in the year group have been doing - but you have to keep up with your French too! Some people thrive on learning different languages and comparing them; others find it confusing.