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Task 2 - A few verbs to learn and starting to use QUIZLET

Key question:

Qu'est-ce que tu fais chez toi?

What do you do at home?


Your challenge for this week is to teach yourself a list of activities you might do at home.

Use the list below to learn and practise the verbs

Use the QUIZLET link below to learn and practice some verbs for activities you do at home.

QUIZLET is good for learning new vocabulary. Spend some time finding out how it works.

You may need to sign up with an email address.

When you open the link, you will see a set of 'flashcards'.


  • Click on each card to find its meaning. Use the arrow buttons to see the next card.
  • Then test yourself by saying the meaning out loud before checking.
  • Make sure the sound is turned on.
  • Play the match up game to become familiar with the phrases.
  • Try using the learn, write and spell activities to become confident writing them.