Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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This half term we are learning all about geometry!


We have been looking at area, perimeter and common angles. 


How many angles can you find around your house? Can you measure them using a protractor? 


Alongside this, we have also been working hard on our times tables. Each Year 6 class will be tested on times table knowledge every week, so make sure you're getting in lots of practise at home!


Each week, your teacher will set certain pages from your homework books for you to complete. Please check SIMS Engagement for further details about your homework tasks. 

Investigating the area of triangles. We went on a triangle hunt around our school and calculated the area of each one using the formula: BaseXHeight÷2

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We have been playing some matching games to help us learn all about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.