Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Monday 4th May



IMPORTANT Parent or Carer – Read this page with your child and check that you are happy with what they have to do and any weblinks or use of internet.  



Read a set of instructions


Choose a set of instructions from the challenges below:


  • COOL CHILLI: Read Toast Instructions 1 (linked at the bottom of this page)
  • SPICY CHALLENGE: Read Toast Instructions 2 (linked at the bottom of this page)
  • HOT CHALLENGE: Read Toast Instructions 3 (linked at the bottom of this page)
  • What do you think is good about these instructions? Is there anything that could be improved?
  • Read Instructions Features (linked below) Colour each feature a different colour (or highlight if using on screen)
  •  Rainbow colour (colour each feature a colour and then find that feature in the text and colour it the same colour) the text to show some of these features. 


2. Look for features in sets of instructions

  • Fill in Instruction Checklist (linked below) for the toast instructions that you used in section 1.
  • Challenge yourself further by reading the next level up and fill out the Instruction Checklist for this too. 


3. Now for some writing

  • Write your own set of instructions about something that you know well.
  • It could be another piece of cooking, a sport or video-game, music, art or anything at all. Use Instruction Features (linked below) to help you as you write. 


Well done! Now share your writing with a grown-up. Show them the features that you have included. 


Try the Fun-Time Extras

  • Can you find a recipe that you could try out at home? Obviously ask permission and for supervision first. 
  • Can you learn a new skill with instructions from a book or the internet? You could use . (Click the link) Who could you share your new skill with?