Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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May 2020


Hi Year 7, I hope you are all well.


I would like to you to continue to choose one activity per week from the Alphabet challenge. Thank you to those pupils who have already sent me pictures and videos of your work.


If you are learning to play an instrument or having singing lessons, keep practising.


I am enjoying watching the lockdown collaboration pieces of music that are being created. There's lots to watch on youtube. I've also been having ago at some body percussion tutorials that can be found online  - 'Body Beats' is led by a member of 'Stomp'. Have a go!


It is really nice to see the work that you are doing at home so please do keep sending me your pictures and videos.


Take care of yourselves and your families.


Mrs Harrison

Attached are 26 musical challenges linked to the letters of the alphabet. You should try and complete one a week – some take longer than others.

Each task has a symbol to tell you the type of task:

🎧   listening

🎤   vocal

💻   research / clips

🎶   practical/ composing / performing

🎹   keyboard

❓    opinion based task


Try and do a variety of tasks. You are welcome to forward any completed tasks to me by email

You may want to print off the tasks and colour in the box, or cross it off as you complete it.

I hope there is something for everyone, and that you will learn and try something new. Don’t forget to show your family and get them involved where possible!


Stay Safe and take care of yourselves and your families


Mrs Harrison