Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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May 2020


Hi Year 5, I hope you are all well.


I have found some useful websites to keep you focused whilst we are all still working from home.


The 'BBC Ten Pieces at Home' includes a short film each week and a linked creative activity that you can do by yourself or with members of your family.


If you have access to a computer, ipad or phone have a look at the Chrome Music Lab website. Here you can experiment and create melodies or rhythms.


If you don't have access to the internet then you could watch a musical with your family. My favourite is 'Annie', what's yours?


For pupils learning to play an instrument/ having singing lessons keep practising.


I would really like it if you would send me photo's or videos of the work that you are doing at home.


Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families.


Mrs Harrison

Directed learning task weeks 3 & 4 (for after Easter holidays)