Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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A busy week full of visitors


Last week, as part of our Careers Education and Personal Development programme for pupils, we hosted a number of visitors.  On Monday, Y8 pupils received a visit from Officer Megan from the Cyber Crimes division of Avon and Somerset Police.  Her visit highlighted to pupils how changing technologies were being deployed to help catch and prosecute offenders who are either conducting online crime or using cyber-space as a place to hide.  She talked about routes into employment and the skills needed to work in this rapidly changing and highly challenging field.  


On Wednesday, as part of our Y7 RE curriculum and in line with both British Values and our HSMS vision to help children become informed global citizens, we hosted a visited from Lamchen, a Buddhist nun from the Bristol Buddhist centre.  She reinforced some of the aspects of the teachings of Buddhism that the pupils have been learning about in lessons but also shared her experience of what it is like living as part of the Buddhist Sangha in modern Britain.  Some pupils prepared questions to ask which showed great empathy and keen interest in the lives of others.  


And finally, on Thursday, PSCO Chard came to visit with us at the school.  He brought the community policing van for 'show and tell' and the pupils really enjoyed playing with the sirens and sitting in the van.  His visit is part of our desire to build positive relationships between pupils and law enforcement in their own communities, helping pupils to build trust and have high expectations of police and civil servants.  In the afternoon, PCSO Chard led an assembly for Y7 about the role and work of a PCSO and the education and training routes into this career.  Again, pupils had prepared some great questions which helped them to gain a good insight into both the role of the PCSO in the community and how it differs from the job of police officer.  


At Hugh Sexey, we are proud of how our pupils enjoy engaging with their wider community, and are pleased that their enquiring minds challenge them to know more about the world around them.