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Burnham beach clean

Three Burnham-On-Sea youngsters who are so worried about the environment that they launched their own campaign to ‘save Somerset’ have held a beach clean in the town this week.

They were so shocked to learn about global warming, deforestation, fossil fuels, pollution and litter that they wanted to ‘do their bit’ in helping tackle the issues locally.

Ben Whitrow, with school friends Kayden Wright and Will Creswick, launched a campaign called ‘Save Somerset’ to help clean up Burnham and raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution following an assembly on the topic at their school, Hugh Sexey’s.

They have planned to organise regular clean-ups and during the last few weeks they have worked hard in producing posters which have been put up around their school and fliers encouraging more of their friends to get involved.

On Wednesday, the trio was joined by school friends Oli Wollon and Jemima Seagrove to carry out a Burnham beach clean, focussing on the areas either side of Burnham Pavilion.

Ben’s mother, Louise Whitrow, told “Armed with litter pickers, gloves and black bin bags, they collected rubbish, plastic and glass which they then took home to recycle. They were all surprised at the amount they collected which just highlighted the need for their campaign.”

“The boys intend to carry out more clean-ups this year and are keen to not just focus on the beach but also local play areas as well as Apex Park.”

“They will continue to promote their cause at school and hope the number of friends wishing to take part will grow!”