Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Good News & Achievement


Pupil:  Joshua

Tutor Group:  8CC

Event/Activity:  5K Santa Scramble, Brean Down


On Sunday 13 December Josh decided to run in the Santa Scramble organised by Aspire Running.  Outside of school Josh has never run competitively.  He ran the 5k course in 38 minutes.  It took him from Brean Down Cape ascending the 97m high headland and running along the top of Brean Down to the Roman Fort and back again.  Adults did either 5k or 10k, Josh was only one of six under 20’s to run!  Most children did a 50m or 1k instead. It was totally Josh’s idea to run the race  and having completed it on his own with the support of his Tae-Kwon-Do leader, Jane Lambert he wishes to collect money for the British Heart Foundation.  This is in support of a truly inspirational PE teacher, Mr Evans who recently retired. 


“I wanted to do something to show my support and thank him for being a wonderful teacher by doing something positive”.


If anyone would like to give to the British Heart Foundation, Josh is collecting until the New Year when he will hand over the monies raised.  Josh received a medal at the end of the race where he stayed until Jane crossed the line also.


Written by: Mrs Mullins