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Pupils:  6IA Maths Group

Event/Activity:  Junior Maths Challenge


On the 4th of November, we took part in a maths event at Wells cathedral School.  There were many schools from across the country, making up 32 groups.  We stayed in our groups throughout the 4 activities. We started off making symmetry posters per group, using coloured paper, pens and your brain.  After having some biscuits we went to do a maths relay race.  You had to split your group into pairs and took turns to run to the teacher to get the question, take it to the other pair so they could answer it.  After that we were led over to the canteen to get our lunch.  Then everyone got split into 3 groups, so that we could rotate around doing different activities.  Two groups would do the roadshow, games and puzzles.  The other group would go into a separate room and do maths activity questions to earn points along with your posters and the relay race to try and get a high score.  Hugh Sexey had 8 teams, two teams won a bronze medal, and one team won a silver medal.  The teachers and parents were really helpful and helped make the day a success.

Written by: Emilie, Harriet, Matilda & Florence