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Hockey Match v Fairlands @Home


Wednesday 23rd October. 


Year 7 

This was the girls’ first match against another school this term . They were a little apprehensive at first but soon began to play with flair and confidence. Great goalkeeping from Maddie R who made some vital saves in the first half. Fion H gave her all in midfield and Jez and Anna worked hard trying to get the ball into the net. Malikia and Sophie A were solid in defence. The second half , the girls fought back well. Izzy and Avril hit letting any thing through. Hugh Sexey managed to score three goals in the second half which meant the match ended In our favour 3-0 

Well done . A very inspiring performance. 

Year 8 

An experienced  team who did very well in the Mendip tournament last year. The first half ended with 1-0 to Hugh Sexey. In the second half captain Charli B blasted two more goals at a very strong Fairlands keeper. The team played very well as a unit, Beau,Jemima, Sophie, Jess F, Chloe and Scarlett in goal. Just before the final whistle, Sophie managed to place one more goal in the net. The final score was 4-0 to Hugh Sexey. . 

Well done.

Thank you to Miss Crossland and the other girls who have trained constantly on a Wednesday evening. 

Hockey club will continue after half term.