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House Rounders in Year 6

House rounders Year 6 May 21st Year 6

This was the first time for many years that we have held an inter-house rounders festival. The year sixes have enjoyed their lessons in striking and fielding activities, so it was great to see the skill set they have all acquired.

Each house was divided into two teams. The teams were large but everyone got to practice their fielding skills and have a bat.

The year eight sports leaders acted as the umpires and have been training for this event. The matches were very close and there was some excellent play. Rounders is a very competitive sport and each half rounder counted.

In the end the score

1st Celts

2nd Vikings

3rd Saxons \ Normans

Rounders scored

Saxons = 31.5

Normans = 31

Vikings= 24

Celts = 41