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Year 4 Girls' Football Festival - Wedmore Astro pitches

It was great to be able to utilise the fantastic resource at Wedmore. Thank you so much for allowing this to happen - Matt Coggins. 

Our sports leaders travelled by minibus and were soon met with participants from Wedmore, Weare, East Brent and Mark first schools. Six players at any one time from each school and it was soon clear we had some very keen young players , obviously inspired by the Lionesses earlier this year. 

Sports leaders took on the roles of referees, coaches, and administrators. They played their part with kindness and maturity. 

It was quite professional to watch the young girls play under floodlights. 

Some close matches and some impressive goalkeeping . 

Final Result 

4th Mark School 

3rd Wedmore School 

2nd Weare School 

1st East Brent 


Thank you to all for their support and encouragement.