Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Year 8 House Hockey

This was the first time that the year 8s played the full 11aside game . Thanks to Julie Rodgers of Cheddar ladies hockey club for lending us the extra GK kit.
The matches lasted twenty minutes and all girls got to play for their house. There were some outstanding moments of hockey. The Vikings got off to a good start. Despite playing in the cup team this morning at Millfield , Jemima S was very dominant in midfield and footballer, Maddie D dribbled well past the opponents.
 All four GK played brilliantly. Olivia G and Sarah W kicking the ball wide of the goal with confidence. Phoebe and Scarlet showed their experience with great reactions to some hard hitting attempts at goal from Charli B in particular.
It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and the year eight girls all joined in with a cheerful and good humoured approach.
Thank you to Mrs. Scott for her support as always.
The results were as followed
1st Vikings
2nd Normans
3rd Saxons
4th Celts

Players of the house competition : Freya Wills and Jemima Seagrove.