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Wessex Learning Trust; Sports Day

Goal setting for distance running

Co ordination skills

Kwik Cricket

Mini Rounders

Thinking about tennis

thinking about tennis 🎾Quick Quiz   Match the definition to the word. 

Umpire/ ball boys and girls/ Serve/ Rally/ Tiebreak/ Lob/ Net/ Deuce/Love/ Ace

1. Boys and girls who collect balls and give to players

2. A quick method of finishing a game when score is 6-6?

3. An obstacle that divides the court across its centre

4.The strokes played before the point is won 

5 The act of striking the ball before play.

6. The official who keeps score and ensures rules are followed. 

7. The ball is hit high into air

8. This means nothing to tennis players 

9.Equal score in game after 6 points have been played

10. A service in which the opponent does not even touch the ball






Tennis Challenges

P.E with Joe / Monday 23rd March 2020

Follow Joe Wicks workout daily

Fitness 1

Fitness 2

Fitness 3

Fitness 4

Fitness 5


Some nice things to try at home

Core stability work out

A simple but effective core stability work out. Give it a try.

All over work out

An easy to set up but physically demanding workout.

Fitness 19

Garden fitness with the Jackson family


Its game, set and match for all other tennis coaches as Mrs Allen serves up a smash. Its ace.

Fitness 8

Muscular Endurance Test

Fitness 18

Cardio Vascular Test

Fitness 17

Agility Tests. Can use tins of beans, soup, tuna, rice pudding, dog/cat food, tomatoes or spaghetti

Fitness 16

Power test

Fitness 15

Reaction and co-ordination tests

Muscular Endurance Test

Test your upper body with this simple activity

Core Stability Test

Muscular Endurance

Lower body tests

Step Up tests

Muscular Endurance

Back and arms

Mobility Exercises and Flexibility Test