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Wessex Learning Trust; Sports Day

Co ordination skills

Some fun ideas to help you with your co ordination -you don't need a tennis court.

Kwik Cricket

Mini Rounders

Tennis Fun At Home..

 some fun ideas to get you thinking "tennis"

Tennis Challenges

Athletics Challenge

Fitness 19

Agility ideas from the Jackson family

Fitness 1

Video's from the PE department

Fitness 2

More video's to support the online resources

Fitness 3

Fitness 4

Fitness 5


P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020

Day One of my 9am daily workouts

P.E with Joe | Tuesday 24th March 2020

Day two of my 9am daily workouts

P.E with Joe | Wednesday 25th March 2020

Day three of my 9am daily workouts

Some things to try at home

Core stability

A simple workout that can be done inside or outside.

Exercise for the whole body

Try this at home or outdoors. Exercises can be adapted.


Mrs Allen introduces the 1st tennis unit in beautiful surroundings

Cardiovascular Endurance Tests

This video was made for our prospective GCSE students but may be a useful thing for any of our student body to try at home. Please remember to warm up, hydrate, stay safe and wash your hands.

Agility Tests

A video for prospective GCSE students but may be of interest to any of our pupils. Includes the Illinois agility test and the 3 cone test.

Power Tests

What is power and how can you test your performance? This is made for our year 8 students who are considering PE as further education. The content may be of use to our other students.

Reaction and Co-ordination test

Simple reaction and co-ordination test. Safe and easy to set up. The definitions are important for those students considering doing PE at further education.

Flexibility Test

How to test mobility at the hamstring and lower back.

Muscular Endurance Test

A test for muscular endurance in the back and arms.

Step up test

A test of muscular endurance in the lower body

Lower Body Muscular Endurance

Repeated squat test

Core stability Tests

Muscular Endurance - Upper body

Some very questionable repetitions from Mr McGrath

Muscular Endurance - Abdominal s

The repeated sit up test