Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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P.E with Joe / Monday 23rd March 2020

Day one of my 9am daily workouts

Fitness 1

A video supplement to the PE lessons available.

Fitness 2

Mr Waterfield gets in on the act. Hopefully nice to see some familiar faces. Hope everyone is smiling.

Fitness 3

Fitness 4

Introducing Mr Jackson. A wonderful man with the heart of a lion.

Fitness 5

An easy and adaptable outdoor circuit


A fun skills session to play with brothers/sisters and parents/guardians.

P.E with Joe | Tuesday 24th March 2020

Day two of my 9am daily workouts. I've taken inspiration from the (trained) PE staff at the lovely Hugh Sexey Middle School.

P.E with Joe | Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hope you are all taking part and enjoying these video's.

Some ideas and tasks to try this week

Core stability

A strong core is the foundation for so many sporting movements. Give this quick but effective workout a try.

All over body workout

No equipment necessary and suitable for all abilities.