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Wessex Learning Trust; Sports Day

Co ordination skills

Goal setting for distance running

Mini Rounders

Kwik Cricket

Tennis Challenges

Thinking about tennis 🎾Quick Quiz   Match the definition to the word. 

Umpire/ ball boys and girls/ Serve/ Rally/ Tiebreak/ Lob/ Net/ Deuce/Love/ Ace

1. Boys and girls who collect balls and give to players

2. A quick method of finishing a game when score is 6-6?

3. An obstacle that divides the court across its centre

4.The strokes played before the point is won 

5 The act of striking the ball before play.

6. The official who keeps score and ensures rules are followed. 

7. The ball is hit high into air

8. This means nothing to tennis players 

9.Equal score in game after 6 points have been played. 10. A winning serve that opponent fails to touch. 




P.E with Joe / Monday 23rd March 2020

Day one of my 9am daily workouts

Fitness 1

A video supplement to the PE lessons available.

Fitness 2

Mr Waterfield gets in on the act. Hopefully nice to see some familiar faces. Hope everyone is smiling.

Fitness 3

Fitness 4

Introducing Mr Jackson. A wonderful man with the heart of a lion.

Fitness 5

An easy and adaptable outdoor circuit


A fun skills session to play with brothers/sisters and parents/guardians.

P.E with Joe | Tuesday 24th March 2020

Day two of my 9am daily workouts. I've taken inspiration from the (trained) PE staff at the lovely Hugh Sexey Middle School.

P.E with Joe | Wednesday 25th March 2020

Hope you are all taking part and enjoying these video's.

Some ideas and tasks to try this week

Core stability

A strong core is the foundation for so many sporting movements. Give this quick but effective workout a try.

All over body workout

No equipment necessary and suitable for all abilities.


Mrs Allen launches the tennis unit

Muscular Endurance - Abdominal

A standard sit up test. Frequently used to test muscular endurance in the trunk.

Muscular Endurance Test - Pectorals, triceps and deltoids

Push up test that is commonly used to test muscular endurance. This is the ability to perform repeated contractions. Some of my repetitions are questionable to say the least.

Core stability Tests

How to test the core's ability to stabilise ones self. This has a cross over with content taught in gymnastics.

Muscular Endurance - Squat test

A way of testing lower body muscular endurance. This will also highlight mobility.

Muscular Endurance - Step up test

A lower body muscular endurance test

Muscular Endurance Test - Upper body

A test of the pulling muscles. Notably those in the back and biceps.

Flexibility Test

A quick mobility exercise and then the sit and reach test.

Reaction and co-ordination test

Easy and safe test to do at home.

Cardiovascular Endurance Test

Agility Test

3 cone and Illinois agility test. So simple to set up and such an effective practice for athletes.