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Week beginning 13th July 

Our last week of term.. Amazing. 

Thanks to all of you year sevens who took the career challenge. I will leave the work for this week too , in case some more of you wish to take the challenge. 

As this is our last week of term I am going to ask you to focus on reflection. It has been an extremely strange and unusual term for all of us. 

Reflection is good for our mental wellbeing. What have you learnt from being in Lockdown? 

I have learnt not to fret so much about the future. Someone I know compared life to being a duck. 

A duck lives for the moment and makes the most of the present. 

Has anything positive come out of the experience for you? 

What do you appreciate now that you didn't before? 

Have you learnt anything about yourself? 



Looking at Careers July 8th 2020

Hello Year Seven 

Some of you have already accessed the TEAMS now set up for KS3 PSHE. 

A special mention to George B in 7DJ  for being the first pupil in KS3 to complete the Careers word-search.

Careers day will be on JULY 8TH.

There are some worksheets and some you tube clips for you to complete and watch. Hopefully motivational. 


Year 7 Your task is to find out about a job you are interested in. The ground work start now but you could complete the original interview before the 8th July. 

I have filled one in to give you an idea... 

Have a look through. I will put a note on KS3 PSHE teams. too. 


Your guide to the day with forms you can fill in online. save!!

Career Exploration Challenge -an Example of an interview,

David Hyner - Avin it!

David Hyner - Memory skills

David Hyner - Failure really is the end

Hello everyone. 

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at Careers Education 

In Year 7 Careers Exploration Challenge-Find out about the world of Work. 

This week is laying some foundations: a word search which contains many different ideas for jobs. The other document is about your personality. There are some difficult words on this document: Introvert is a person who is shy and prefers to spend time alone and an extrovert is a person who is outgoing and socially confident. 

Have a go and start to explore what jobs might suit you.

Thinking about your personality might help you to think what career would suit you.

Careers - week beginning June 29th

Week beginning June 22nd.

Hello Year seven. Black Lives Matter.

This week in PSHE the topic is very current. Mr. Jackson has also created a video to supplement ICT which will help you to understand.

It was interesting to hear some of your views in our Zoom chats..


Black Lives Matter

Week beginning June 15th 

Hello Year 7.

It has been so lovely for your tutors and your Head of Year to speak to some of you via Zoom this week. I really enjoyed hearing what 7KA have been up to and I think it's nice for you to "see" your friends again. 

However, these are still very different times and it is so important that we don't ignore how we are feeling and just keeping a check on our wellbeing. 

This week the PowerPoint, which was devised by your Head of Year, looks at various methods of thinking about the aspects of our lives that we are enjoying and those which we are not. 

We had hoped to share this with some of you in the classroom and it could form a basis for some of the Zoom chat.

This is going to be the content for two weeks. Please don't rush through ...take your time. 

Enjoy and keep strong. 

Mrs Allen 


Look after your mental health

Keep smiling ... By Amelie 7KA

Positive thoughts Will 7KA

Forest school suggested activity - clay heads : if you have some clay - mould on a stick stuck in the ground. Animals, monsters, dragons the world is your oyster.