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7 JANUARY: Quel temps fait-il? What's the weather like?

There are three different phrases for saying what the weather's like!

il fait...     il y a...     il _____


...and you never use c'est!


Here is the list from your vocab booklet:

TASK 1: Regardez le vidéo

Watch the video to learn how to say the weather 

(...and appreciate Miss Kendall's amazing selection of shirts.)


Try to memorise which weather goes with which phrase.

Quel temps fait il? What's the weather like?

Saying the weather in French


Copy these 3 bubbles and write the correct weathers around each.

Write or draw a symbol to show the meanings.

If you prefer, you can open the worksheet below.


TASK 3: ÉCRIVEZQuel temps fait-il?

Write the weather in French.

1) 2) 

3)  4) 

5)  6) 

You can open the tasks above as a worksheet if you prefer:


Write a short weather report saying what the weather is like in 5 different cities, e.g.

À Bristol, il fait beau et il y a du soleil.

In Bristol it is beautiful and sunny.

Try to include conjunctions (et/mais etc.)

TASK 5: LISEZ et ÉCOUTEZ (reading and listening) 

Read the weather report below as you listen to it:

La Météo.mp3

You can open the task above as a worksheet if you prefer:

Peppa Pig S1E26 La neige