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Reading Challenge

This week's (W/C 12th July 2021) Reading Challenge is:


Work out the names of these novels and state their authors:


  • The ____, the ______ and the _____________
  • ________ and the _________ Factory
  • _________ Lights
  • C________'s W___
  • The Boy __ ____ ______
  • The ______ Runner
  • Oliver ______
  • ____ Horse


Best of Luck.  Please send your answers to


Prizes for the quickest responses from each year group and house points for all entries.



This week's (w/c 21st June) Reading Challenge is:


Find FIVE books that were originally written in a foreign language.  Send your entries into Miss D'Auria at: 

Prizes for the speediest entries in each year group and House Points for all entries.  Entries in by Friday 25th June.

Do any of these titles look interesting to you?  Ask Mrs Kingham if she has any copies in the Library, visit your local Library, or see if you can download a copy onto your device.  We'd love to hear your reviews of it!

Reading Challenge for wk beginning June 14th


Summer Reading



Write a short review to recommend a perfect book to enjoy during the summer.  This could be a book that is predominantly set in the summer time or one that creates a summery mood or atmosphere.  It could also be a book that reminds you of summer holidays.


Send your reading recommendations to  


Prizes for the quickest entries.

Reading Challenge for w/c 17th May


Create an advertising poster for your favourite book relating to myths, magic and/or mayhem.


The best ones will be put on the Year group pages and also displayed in the Library.  House Points and a small prize will also be awarded


Send your entries to


Reading Challenge - Week Beginning May 10th - MYTHS



The ______ was called _______, which means, “cut steel”. Early tradition called the ______ Caliburn; a magical ______ from Avalon. The tale of ______ drawing the _______out of the rock first appeared in Robert de Boron’s French verse tale, called Merlin. But the English author, named Sir Thomas Malory wrote that the _____that ________ had pulled out of stone was not _______; in fact, _______ broke his first _______ in the fight against King Pellinor. Shortly after, Arthur then received a new ______ from the Lady of the Lake, which was explicitly called _________. Malory distinguished the ______ _______ pulled out of a rock from the _______ he received from the Lady of the Lake, and it was the second _______ that was the true _______. 


Three words have been removed from this paragraph describing part of a famous myth or legend.  Can you work out which three words have been removed?  All three words appear more than once in this paragraph.   


Extra Reading Challenge – Once you have worked out the words, can you put them back into the correct place in the paragraph. 


Send your answers to


The fastest correct responses win a prize!

W/C 4th May


May 2021 is National Share-A-Story month and this year's theme is Myths, Magic and Mayhem.


This is your chance to share a story that you have read on one/all of these themes during Collective Worship.  You will be rewarded with 4 House Points for doing so.  


So, get your story-telling hats on.  Let's fill our tutor rooms with the sounds of stories being told!


You can also follow this link to THREE competitions: an illustration competition, a short story competition, and a Library display competition:


Week commencing 26th April

This week, we would like you to:

Write an additional diary entry from the Wimpy Kid series. 

Send in your entries to

All entries will receive House Points and the best will receive a prize and have their work published on the website and displayed in the Library.

We can't wait to read your entries!


Week commencing 19th April


Look at these examples of inspirational quotes which state why it is so wonderful to read.


Write your own short quote that explains why reading is such a wonderful thing to do and how it helps you to learn and develop as a person.




Send in your inspirational reading quote to  The quickest and most inspiring entries from each year group will win a prize.  The most inspiring quote from any year group will also win a bookmark!​​​​​​

Week Commencing 29th March


Find an author for every letter of the alphabet (use the author’s last name).

Send in your entries to Miss D'Auria at

Week Beginning Monday 22nd March

In celebration of Comic Relief last Friday, this week's reading challenge is to share the funniest book you have ever read! If you have a copy of the book, also find a funny section and copy this down and send it in.  Let's get reading something funny!

Send your funny book choices to  Quickest entries from each year group get a prize and house points.  The overall quickest entry receives a book mark as well.

Week beginning 8th March


This week's reading challenge is to create an interview between you and your favourite fictional character.  This could be either written (like a script) or as a video with a friend or family member reading the questions you created, and yourself answering as the fictional character.  What have you always wanted to ask them? 

Send in your scripts or recordings for House Points and for it to be featured on your Year Group page to

This week is World Book Week!

Thursday is World Book Day.

As a result, I am not going to set my usual Reading Challenge.  Instead, I would like you to get involved in the World Book Day/Week activities that were sent home:

  • Dress up as your favourite book character
  • Share/read a story with your family
  • Create your own graphic story to share with others
  • Transform a potato (or other fruit or vegetable) into your favourite book character
  • Design a bookmark for your favourite book
  • Design a hat to represent your favourite book
  • Create a top five list of the funniest books you have read
  • Draw a picture from a scene from your favourite book
  • Design a chocolate that could be made in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Make recommendations of different authors based on your favourite books. If your favourite book is Gangsta Granny by David Walliams, list the other books (by different authors) you liked and would recommend to other fans of David Walliams books
  • Send in a recording of you reading an extract of their favourite book.

We would LOVE to see evidence of what you have been up to, so email me your recordings and pictures at

W/C 22nd February


Welcome back!  I hope you had a restful and enjoyable half-term break.


This week's challenge is to read a comic (from a newspaper, graphic novel or annual) and then draw the next scene with a caption in the same style.


Send your entries to:

Good luck! laugh


W/C 8th February


Find, read and share a poem about an animal ( I would like you to record yourself reading the poem).

W/C 1st February


This week's Reading Challenge is a bit different:
Take photos of yourself reading a range of things outside that aren’t books e.g. a road sign, a poster on a lamppost etc. which one has the most words/text?


W/C 25th January

We only had one entry to last week's competition (and what an entry it was!  Flora S in Year 5 created a beautiful poster on Neverland).

This week you can either gain two House Points by correctly guessing the mythical creature being described, or 10 House Points if you can also send me in a drawing of it in colour:

Guess the Mythical Creature and (for extra points) draw one in colour

…there was an explosion of black fire.  A second later, dozens of tiny creatures burst out of the flames and took flight.  They zipped around the room in darts of vivid colour, fluttering gossamer wings so fast it looked like they weren’t moving at all…

Similar to the sprite…its wings looked like paper-thin sycamore leaves, tinged with an alarming shade of red.  It wore what looked like a tiny bird skull as a helmet, with two beady black eyes glinting behind the eye sockets.  Tufts of mossy hair extended from the bottom of the skull.  As for its body, it had frog-like legs and arms, minus the webbed feet, which were banded with streaks of pearly white and indigo.  Its thin torso didn’t look like it could hold the creature up, but somehow, it did.

It grinned at me, flashing a miniature set of razor-sharp teeth…

…A few of the creatures wore the bird skull helmets, while others sported upturned walnut shells and some had no headpiece at all…

…In my bedroom light, I got a better look at her face.  Iridescent scales formed a halo around her sharply pointed features, the colours shifting from blue to green to pink to purple, depending on how the light hit them.  Mossy curls of pale green hair sprung up in tufts from her head, and I noticed detailed striations of yellow and blue banding that ran from the tops of her shoulders up to her neck.  The banding contained miniscule swirls in a darker shade, and multi-coloured spots across the pale portions of her skin pulsated…

…Her big, round black eyes peered up at me, filled with emotion.  The sadness and panic in them struck me like an arrow to the heart…

              From Harley Merlin 19: Persie Merlin and the Door to Nowhere by Bella Forrest

Send your answers into

W/C 18th January


Last week's entries were fantastic!  You can find them on your relevant Year Group pages.  Well done!

This week's challenge is to:

Find and share a book set in a completely different world to Earth; for example, the Discworld from Terry Pratchett’s novels, or Panem from the Hunger Games series, and create an information poster about that other world.

Email your entry to

W/C 11th January


Congratulations to Annabel R (7EF), Oliver C (6FL), Jamie B (5NR) and Sophia S (5NR) for their fantastic entries last week.  Their drawings can be found on the relevant year group pages.


This week's challenge is to redesign the book cover of your favourite book.  You need to make it look exciting and eye-catching to encourage your peers to read it.


Email your entries to

Good luck!  There are 10 House Points to be won!


W/C 4th January


Hydra (from Harley Merlin 18: Persie Merlin and Leviathan’s Gift by Bella Forrest)

Draw what is being described:

A glowing black streak painted her throat, and dark smoke began to spill out of her mouth in a powerful torrent.  It pooled on the grass in front of her…  Huge limbs formed and rapidly took shape.  Four scaly legs with glinting talons led to a bulky body, complete with a whipping tail that carried a spiny barb.  My first thought was: dragon.  But then the neck and the head started to form multiple necks and heads.  Armoured scales climbed from the communal belly and slotted up each neck toward gnashing fangs.  They had dragon-like faces, with long snouts and fanned-out bone frills.  They were dark red with black armoured scales, covered in shivering spines, and weaponised with two pointed horns apiece.

“A hydra!”

The best drawings/interpretations will be put onto your Year Group page and you will receive 10 House Points.

Well done all those who participated in last week's Christmas book challenge:


The overall and year 5 winner (receiving their choice of bookmark and a packet of sweets) was Flora Storey (5OM)


Year 8 Winner - Will Manning (8KA)


Thank you to the other participants who entered.  A great effort from year 5 pupils this week: Khushi Modhwadia, Barney Reeves, Olivia Fussell,  Bo Uffendall, Lulu Lovell and Poppy Rousell.  They all receive house points for participation.

Weekly Reading Challenge


Week beginning Monday 7th December


Find 10 books that are set at or about...Christmas!


Send your answers to


Quickest correct answers in each year group win a prize!


Welcome to the Weekly Reading Challenge page! smiley


Weekly Challenge - Week beginning 30th November 2020


Find 10 book titles or series of books that are set in a school.

I will not accept books from the same series in your list of 10.


You can email your answers to


Quickest correct answers from each year group will receive a prize.  Good Luck!

Tutor Group Reading Advent Calendar Challenge: your tutors will be talking to you about this, but there will be an overall prize for the best tutor group and best pupil in each year group. See the attached PowerPoint and the display board next to Art for more information.

Last week's (week beginning 30th November) overall winner was Flora Storey in 5OM. 

Other year group winners were: Pippa Clarke in 7RA and Thomas Lindsey in 6MJ. 

Libby Halford, Grace Danning and Asia Fear also entered this week's Reading Challenge.

Well done to this week's entrants.laugh




Congratulations to the winner's of last week's reading challenge! smiley


Year 8 and Overall winner - Will Manning (8KA)

Year 7 Winner - Martha Cann (7EF)

Year 6 Winner - Lilly Standeven (6MJ)


All winners receive a success card and packet of sweets.  


Thank you also to all pupils that took part and gave the correct answers: Annabel Reeves, Ruby Jones and Asia Fear. 


The correct answers were:


1. The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

2. Lily Alone by Jacqueline Wilson

3. The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams

4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days by Jeff Kinney

5. The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Last week's winners were: Annabel Reeves (overall winner and winner of Year 7), Indah Kayira (Year 8 winner) and Poppy Stevenson (winner of Year 5). Pippa Clarke and Will Manning also entered - well done!