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Session 1 and 2

This week you will continue to look at electrical circuits as part of your home learning. 



Both science sessions for this week are in the PDF file linked below. Open it up and you'll find both sessions to read through. There are also some links to espresso within the PDF to support your understanding. 


Lesson 1 requires the chilli challenge worksheets (choose the one you feel best suits your understanding of the topic). 


Lesson 2 requires some interactive circuit building using a website where you can actually build your own circuits- it's pretty awesome!


Here's the Espresso link if you can't get it to work on the PDF laugh  

Remember to have your login details to hand: uk/subject/module/activity/item1044953/grade2/ module1043858/index.html?source=search-all- KS2-all-all&source-keywords=circuits


Have fun!