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Now you've read a little more of the book, make a list of all the insults Miss Trunchbull uses in the story. 


Sort them into groups depending on who she is insulting. 


Think of a punishment that you would give Miss Trunchbull and use the sheet (linked below) to describe it in a way similar to Roald Dahl’s style of writing. You can get really creative with this!


Contrast Miss Trunchbull with Miss Honey, using the ‘Trunchbull extract’ (linked below) or

p80-81 in the book.


Miss Honey is a positive role model for Matilda and the children.

Pick one of the positive character traits from the sheet (linked below) and EITHER:


1. Write a poem depicting what that trait represents to you


2. Create a poster/collage to inspire people to show positive traits.