Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Today you're going to put your newly-learnt pie chart skills into action!


You will be creating your very own pie charts from scratch! 


You will need:

A mathematical compass

A pencil

A ruler (to draw out your frequency table)


A protractor


If you don't own a protractor, CLICK HERE for your challenge today. You can work your way through the levels at your own pace. 


Choose your preferred chilli challenge from the choices below and remember you can refer back to any of the videos or Powerpoints from previous days to help you. 


Cool Chilli Challenge

Copy the table below: 

Animal Amount of each animal on Mrs. Lacy's farm Angle needed for pie chart
Horses 1 10°
Sheep 23 230°
Pigs 2 20°
Chickens 6 60°
Goats 3 30°
Tortoises 1 10°

Now have a go at drawing a pie chart to represent the data from the table above. 


Hot Chilli Challenge

Copy and complete the table below for the utensils in your cutlery draw at home:

Utensil type How many? Angle needed for pie chart
Teaspoons (the little ones)    
Tablespoons (the big ones)    

Now have a go at drawing a pie chart to represent this data. You might need to use a calculator to work out your angles if the total isn't a factor of 360 

EXTENSION: Choose another cupboard or drawer in your house where you can represent the data as a pie chart. 


Extra-Spicy Chilli Challenge

You need to listen to Katy Perry's song 'Roar'

CLICK HERE to listen

Whilst you're listening, copy and complete the table below: 

Word How many times did she sing that word? (tally or number) Angle needed for pie chart


Now have a go at drawing a pie chart to represent this data.

EXTENSION: Choose another song and create a pie chart for it