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Tuesday 19th May


If you have a version of Fantastic Mr Fox (book, e-book, audio book or film) it would be great for children to read, listen to or watch the rest of the book. 


Scroll down to find the resources you need

  1. Reading Fantastic Mr Fox
  • Read the summary of events in the story so far- this document is linked below.   
  • Read chapter 16 which describes what happens in Bean’s cider cellar- also linked below. 


2. Verbs – Present Perfect Form

  • Watch the presentation on the PowerPoint (linked below) OR read through the Learning Reminder Verbs - Present Perfect Form (also linked below)
  • Look back at chapter 16 and find some past tense verbs (hint – look for doing words with –ed endings). 
  • Practise changing them into the present perfect form by adding has or have. Say them out loud first and write them down in your book.
  • Complete the present perfect forms activities on the sheets below (scroll down to find them):


Chilli challenges: 


  • Mild: Complete activity one – you don’t have to cut them out, you can write them as two lists if you prefer!
  • Hot: Complete activities one and two.
  • Extra spicy: Challenge yourself to see if you can do all three!

The answers are there for challenges 2 and 3  don’t peek!


Try the Fun-Time Extras

  • Roald Dahl had a very interesting life. Did you know he was a fighter pilot during the second world war? See if you can find out more information and create a factsheet about him.