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Unit Eight (4th July to 17th July)

This last unit of work is all about problem solving and finding patterns. For each of the tasks you are asked to solve a problem using mathematics that you have learnt this year and then find rules and patterns that could be expressed using the algebra you learnt in the Spring term. Remember that to solve a problem is more than just finding an answer, you should look for as many answers as you can find, if you change something in your method or an assumption you have made, how does it change the answer?


An example of this could be a sweet maker who produces 10,000 sweets per hour. If she wants to make more sweets she could make her machines run faster or she could make the sweets a little smaller. If she wants to increase the number of packets made in a day, she could work longer or put fewer sweets in a pack. These changes have the desired effect but which is best for the sweet maker? for the customer?


Choose at least three of the problems below, for each one that you choose produce full answers and explanations for each of the solutions and working methods that you can think of. Do the different choices / decisions you make alter the final answer? Which solution do you think is best and why?

Don't forget you can contact me or your maths teacher via email or Teams if you need some help and guidance.

If I don't hear from you or see you in the next couple of weeks I hope you have a fantastic summer break, you deserve it as you've worked so hard through lockdown. Stay safe, see you in Year Eight!


Mr Albrow