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Unit Four - 16th May to 22nd May

Some fun with Enlargement

Some fun with Enlargement 1

This week leading up to half term I thought we would have a little fun with enlargement. As you can see from the picture I've already made a start! Watch the video below, it shows a method you can use to enlarge objects. Try not to judge my video making skills - this is my first attempt - I know lots of you could have probably done a much better job in half the time it has taken me!

I've also included some pictures that you may wish to use for the task if you do not have something at home.

Please send me or your teacher some pictures of what you have done so that we can upload them to the wow page and use them for a display in school.


Mr Albrow


Some of you may wish to take this further, what happens if you use a fractional or negative scale factor? Maybe you could enlarge an object twice from the same point of enlargement, e.g x0.5 and x2.


Have fun with it! Have a great week and half term break, stay safe, hope to see you soon.


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