Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
Together we believe; Together we achieve

Unit Four (16th May to 22nd May)



Part ONE


Please help Tom by drawing an accurate plan for making his box.

Plan the NET of the box – where would you need to add tabs to stick it together.

It should be drawn so that when it is cut out it will all be in one piece. (A Net)




  • The candle should fit ‘snuggly’ into the box.
  • flaps are needed for gluing the box together;
  • flaps are needed for fastening the lid, but these will not be glued!
  • draw the candle on the lid and the thumb hole.
  • draw a picture of the Birthday Candle on each side – get it the right way up!


Part TWO


Tom took his idea to a manufacturer who told him that hexagonal prisms were difficult to mass produce. What shape would you recommend? Why?


Draw the net of your recommended shape.

What is the surface area of your recommended box?

What is the volume of your box?


Make and decorate your box from a piece of card (An empty cereal box is perfect for this) then send a picture of the finished product to the manufacturer (Your teacher!)


Happy Designing – we hope to display some designs on the wow page.

Hoping you and your families are all well year 7. Enjoy the task and have a great half term next week. We look forward to seeing your designs and hopefully will see you soon.


There are no set tasks on MyMaths or Mangahigh this week but remember you can always log in to play the games or revise any topic in the library.


Mr Albrow