Hugh Sexey Church of England Middle School
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Unit Six - 20th June to 26th June

Hello Year 8!

I hope you are all doing well and that you're continuing to make the most of the situation. As the lock down is being eased and we all start to regain some of our freedom, I hope you will soon be able to meet with your wider families and friends and share in some of the activities that you've missed being able to do. It was such a disappointment to all of us in school when we had to change our plans and realised that we may not see you before you move on! Hopefully the new guidance that has come out this week will enable us to have a few days together in July, we're working hard to try and make this happen, school is not the same without you!


Many of you have already discovered the new Year 8 Maths teams page that I have created and it's been great to message and voice call through this with those that have needed some help with their work. Please remember you can use this to contact any of us or simply send us an email.


This week I've set a short unit of work on bearings - not the things in your roller skate or skateboard wheels but a method of recording directions. It's quite straight forward if you remember a few basic facts:

1 - that there are 360 degrees in a circle. 

2 - that bearings are always measured from North. (000º)

3 - that bearings are always three digit numbers.


Best wishes, hoping to see you soon, Mr Albrow