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Unit Two - 4th April to 1st May

Unit Two - Transformations (4/4 to 1/5)

This block is the start of our work on geometry. I have allocated 4 weeks to this unit but please remember that this also includes your 2 week Easter break, you may want to spread the work out but we do not expect you to work over the holidays - make sure you take some time off and rest!


Watch the videos below, they cover the skills needed to complete the tasks for you to do in your book. Remember there are also lessons that can help you in MyMaths.


Once you've completed the paper exercises there are also five tasks set in MyMaths and seven in Mangahigh - this includes one of my favourite games 'Transtar' - I will be playing and if you score higher than me there are house points to be won! (These challenges are not set to start until the 4th April)


Mr Albrow

This help sheet may assist