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Week 2 - what do you do?

Here are this week's tasks... good luck!

Contact Mrs. Harris or Miss Kendall if you need any help, using your Office 365 email.

Remember to keep up with your Duolingo!

More tasks to practise activities follow...


Please follow the link below to a new Quizlet task, this time using full sentences. Remember to spend time on all the tasks (not just the games wink).


Print the cards, cut them up, match them up. Get a willing volunteer to play a memory match up game with you; see if you can teach them the correct pronunciation as you play.


We made a video! Click on the link below to see it... 

Qu'est-ce que tu fais? (What are you doing?)


Create a similar video of yourself doing activities around your home. Say what you are doing in French! You can send us your videos via One Drive...


1) Make your video on any device you have available. It needs internet access to send it to us.

2) Log into Office 365

3) Open One Drive

4) Upload your video

5) Select the video and choose to share it with us:


If you can't send it, email Miss Kendall or Mr. Jackson for help, or save it to bring in when we come back!