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Week 2 Activities - Je me présente

This week, we are doing some revision on introducing yourself...


You're going to be interviewing people and maybe making a video, but first...


 We'll start with some listening...


Listen to the recording below and follow the instructions. Say what the sentences mean in English.

Yr5 translate.mp3

Now listen to the next track, and repeat what it says in French. Don't worry who's listening!

Yr5 repeat.mp3

For this last track, listen and say what the questions mean, then practise saying them:

Yr5 questions.mp3

Task: make a video

Interview people in your house, asking their names, ages, and where they live in French.

You might have to teach it to them first!

Record the interviews and make a short video.

If you can’t find anyone to record, you could pretend to be different people by wearing different hats or outfits!

We'd love to see your videos - try uploading them to One Drive in Office 365 and share them with

I will share them with Mr. Goodwin!

Questions and answers to print out

Alternative task:

Instead of making a video, make a fact file of people you know (it could include pets!) with a picture (a photo, cartoon or drawing) and the three questions and answers for each person.


There is an example below:

Picture 1

Or an example to print off...