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Week 4 (April 27)

Please continue to use Duolingo regularly.

This week we are learning about breakfast in France. Le petit-déjeuner.

Bon appetit!

Au petit déjeuner - Alain Le Lait (Breakfast)

© 2017 Music & animation by Alain Le Lait Au petit déjeuner Je mange des céréales Avec du lait Au petit déjeuner Au petit déjeuner Elle mange des tartines El...

Most of the words in the Quizlet exercise began with either du, de la, or des, to mean some. Can you think why there are three words for some? frown
Either make yourself some flashcards using the words from Quizlet, or print off and cut out the breakfast items sheet below. Teach someone at home the words. Time yourself to match the words and the pictures. Make up a guessing game with a partner to try and win the most pictures. There are lots of ways to use cards to help you. If you come up with any really useful or interesting games, feel free to share them with us, by either sending instructions, or a short video of you playing them...Have fun!
I have screen shot a slide of my powerpoint onto a word document. Either print it off, or use it online, to translate the English sentences into French. All the information you need is on the screen shot. See if you can then write some simple sentences saying what you and your family eat and drink for breakfast.