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Week 5 ( May 4)

This is the week when a lot of us should be in Normandy. I have decided, therefore, to bring a little bit of Normandy to you! Enjoy! 
Picture 1

Task 1: Treasure Hunt! All these items are found in a kitchen. Use a dictionary or word reference to work out what they are, then either simply write down the English  next to the French, or photograph each item, label it in French, and make a collage.

You could even stick labels to each item as you find them, to help you learn them (please ask first, though!)

Send us pictures of your work 

We are going to be doing some baking! I have included two recipes, one for bread, which we would be making if we were in France, and one for cookies

Firstly look at the ingredients for each recipe. If you don't have the ingredients, then you will need to complete the tasks up to the 'making' stage, until you can hopefully get hold of the things you need.

Recette 2 Les biscuits

For each recipe, work out what ingredients you will need.

If you are making the cookies, follow the instructions on the sheet matching up the English and French, then writing the instructions out in order, in French. 

Have a go at making them. Be sure to photograph your results and send them to us! You could even film yourself making them, and reading out the instructions, if you have ever watched a cooking programme on the tv and fancied yourself as the next Jamie Oliver!

For the bread I have done the same thing as with the cookies, but on the separate sheet below. Match the French and English. This time, to make it easier, the French is in the correct order.

If you can, have a go at making the bread. Bread takes time to do properly, though, so don't start it late at night!

If you are really brave, you could try shaping the dough after you have knocked it back.

Good luck, and don't forget to send us pictures of your finished products!

Other things we would be doing in Normandy include a long walk from Mont Saint Michel across the bay, dressing up in fancy French style dress, eating new foods such as snails, and visiting a goat farm. So, please feel free to send us a picture of you in a silly costume, try some new foods this week if possible, and go for a long walk, if you can. Oh, and here is a picture of a goat...
Picture 1