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Week 6 (11 May) - More practice of the FUTURE TENSE...

Salut Year 8! laugh 

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Can you recognise the FUTURE TENSE?

There are 2 ingredients:

TASK 1: 

Write numbers 1-12. Which sentence is in the future? Jot down a or b, and the English translation. Then check your answers for each section.


  1. a) Je vais manger au café.   b) Je mange au café.
  2. a) Je vais jouer au foot.     b) Je joue au foot.
  3. a) Je regarde la télé.        b) Je vais regarder la télé.

4. a) Il fait du ski.                b) Il va faire du ski.

5. a) Elle va visiter le musée.    b) Elle visite le musée.

6. a) Tu écoutes de la musique. b) Tu vas écouter de la musique.

7. a) Nous regardons un film.      b) Nous allons regarder un film.

8. a) Vous allez manger une pizza. b) Vous mangez une pizza.

9. a) Ils font de la natation.       b) Ils vont faire de la natation.

10. a) Je vais au supermarché.      b) Je vais aller au supermarché.

11. a) Nous allons aller à la plage.   b) Nous allons à la plage.

12. a) Il va à Weston.                 b) Il va aller à Weston.


Open this worksheet and translate the 9 sentences into French, using the writing frame.


Listen to this recorded conversation between Thomas and Hélène. They are talking about what they are going to do at the weekend.

Jot down answers to the questions in English. Listen as many times as you like!


1) What is Hélène doing on Saturday, and who with? (4 points)

2) What is she doing on Sunday? (2 points)

3) What is Thomas doing at the weekend, and who with? (3 points)


Listen out for the 'hesitation sounds' the characters make when they are thinking (like when we say 'um' in English)...

Ce week-end - conversation.mp3

Look at the transcript below and listen again to link up the words and sounds in your mind.

Extension Challenge:

Re-write the transcript and re-record it with a kind member of your household (you can teach them the pronunciation) and send it to me (audio or video) or just send me the script to look at.


Bon courage!